Canada a perfect haven for bin Laden---- Best Article I ever read form national post!!! Yes! stop wasting our money on helping territorist and smuggler .any more!

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Canada a perfect haven for bin Laden
Terrorist could gain refugee status, housing and welfare

Let's hope that Osama bin Laden and his accessories don't catch a flight to Canada because they would automatically be granted refugee status and given medical care, housing and welfare.

Even worse, Canadian taxpayers would be forced to pay for a Legal Aid lawyer to help them fight extradition to the United States on the basis that they may be put to death.

Don't think this is impossible. Canadian taxpayers have forked out millions of dollars in court costs, jail time and legal fees to pretect another monster from extradition, namely late freeway serial murderer and torturer Charles Ng. He was eventually extradited, convicted and executed in California.

This year, Ottawa is at it again. Millions are being wasted over China's extradition request involving convicted smuggler Lai Changxing. Jean Chrétien, the Prime Minister, even wasted precious time spent with Chinese leaders recently to seek assurances that if Canada booted this guy out, he would not be executed.

If Ottawa is so foolish about extraditing China's most wanted man, then imagine what Elinor Caplan, our Minister of Immigration, would say if bin Laden landed here. Or what our frozen-in-the-headlights Prime Minister would say to George W. Bush, the U.S. President.

He would hide behind the skirts of Ms. Caplan, who would likely tell the House of Commons: "A man some believe to be Mr. bin Laden and others arrived at Lester B. Pearson Airport in Toronto last night. They had no documents so they were questioned for several hours in the airport before being fingerprinted, photographed and given a refugee kit. This is standard procedure. We also ask each of our refugee claimants to fill out and mail back to us within 21 days a form which outlines their background, references, etc. All this was done in good order. The man, his four wives, 15 children and 20 henchman are now resting quietly in the Holiday Inn on the airport strip in Toronto. We have set a hearing date for their claims."

If he showed up for his hearing (about 10,000 a year out of 26,000 so-called refugees don't show up), it would take years to boot him out. He would lie about his true identity, a delay tactic, then argue against U.S. capital punishment, another delay tactic.

More frightening is that his appeal could end up like that of Ali Adham Amhaz, a Lebanese native. Madam Marvyn Koenigsberg of the B.C. Supreme Court let him free on bail even though the Americans wanted him extradited for suspected terrorist activities. This decision was criticized, quite rightly, by Gordon Campbell, the B.C. Premier, who took issue with the granting of only $50,000 bail for a man who is a suspected agent of the Hezbollah (Lebanese terrorists) and accused of selling arms.

"It was the wrong decision [to let him go]. It's as simple as that," said the Premier.

Judges in this country are letting people who are dangerous go all the time, based on silly technicalities and due to the fact that the Minister of Immigration refuses to change the legislation to stop such practices.

That's why bin Laden and his goons could end up living permanently in Canada, as have so many of their confreres in the terrorist business. (There have been direct links made to bin Laden's organization among fake refugees, immigrants and citizens in this country. There are also direct links with 50 other terrorist groups here.)

If really lucky, bin Laden could end up like murderer Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad. He was convicted in 1968 of participating in an attack by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine against an El Al plane in Athens in which one person died. After serving only four months in prison, he was released when his fellow terrorists hijacked an airplane and held its 155 passengers hostage until his release.

By 1987, he had become a landed immigrant in Canada because he had lied about his past and withheld the fact that he was a fugitive. Deportation proceedings started in 1988 and his defence, successful to date, has been that his release from Greek prison constituted a full pardon. He also made a refugee claim in 1989 as a Plan B in case deportation was ordered. After making a mockery of Canada's pathetic immigration and refugee laws, department and practices, Mr. Mohammad's case is finally going on appeal before the Federal Court.

This is Canada, the Queen's Scout of nations.

Osama bin Laden could get in here and stay here, and it is even debatable whether the new terrorism legislation would supersede our current foolishness.

What's crazy about all of this is that Canadians cannot bring fruit, meat products or vegetables into this country legally lest they contaminate our food. And yet the world's most diseased individuals, from bin Laden to Mr. Mohammed, can live off the rest of us indefinitely in safety and security.

If you are upset, e-mail the culprits: Elinor Caplan at caplan.e@parl.gc.ca or Jean Chrétien at pm@pm.gc.ca.

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