Feel sick of these selfish and arrogant Americans

littlebrother (弟弟)
A CIA officer died in the uprising by prisoner in Afghanistan.
This becomes the headline news for the past two days.
But the fact is that they used helicopter to bomb the prison.
They don't care a little about hundreds of lifes killed in the prison.
To them, that CIA officer is a hero--the first AMERICAN killed in action inside the country while those rebelling prisoners deserve death.
What a stupid idea!
Americans always think they are more superior than other people, their lives are more valuable than others.
They never learn to respect other people.
They never understand the real reason why they are under attack.
It is this blindness that will eventually bring down this nation.
Today's America is just like 19 century's UK.
And tomorrow's America will become just like today's Britain.
2001-11-28 -05:00

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