As a UW student, I have more respect to UT than you have. Of course, if you do not want to study for Ph.D., UW is also a good choice.

psv1988 (cc)
UT vs. UW in CS

undergrad. UW is better. (Bill Gates prefer
the undergraduate students from UW. But the
undergraduate study is very tough, very hard
to graduate. And some students even have to
quit in the middle.)

master. no great difference.

Ph.D. UT is far better. Most UT Ph.D. graduates
work as faculty, while most UT Ph.D. graduates
go to industry. You can see a lot of professors
from UT in most top US universities, including
MIT and UCBerkeley. But there seldom from UW.

(Unfortunately, I am a Ph.D. student in UW)

Application: I guess UW is easier to apply.

In both UT and UW, all graduate students,
including master students, are fully supported
in the forms of TA/RA and scholarships. If you
are an international student, they will provide
you with some extra funding to cover the tuition difference between international students and
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