Error in Uploading a text file using com.oreilly.MiltipartRequest Package.

cyin003 (Jerry)
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Hi Jabber!

I use an ISS server + Resin( supporting API2.2 ). I need to upload a text format file and populate data into database. I just follow the sample code provided by to do it. ButI have a problem exactly same as another one who put a message on a bbs today:
I am trying to uplaod a file using com.oreilly.MiltipartRequest Package.

But when i am uploading any file it is giving me the Corrupt form data : no leading boundary

i tried to print the boundary it is :
boundary=---------------------------7d11c22c748,multipart/form- data; boundary=---------------------------
7d11c22c748,multipart/form-data; boundary=-----------------------

Can anyone tell that why my boundary is repeating three times is, it normal and if it is allright then why i am getting the error of "Corrupt form data : no leading boundary"

I am using IE 5.5,and jsdk2.0.

Is there any other method to upload a file?

Do you have any idea about this?
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