There are a few ways to do that.

wade (wade)
1. Most of companies have some financial institute designated to manage the investement and you may have RRSP account with that institue. Each month you can maxmize RRSP room derectely from the salary. In that case. you may not have RRSP room left now.

2. If you still have RRSP room left, you can open an RRSP account with brokers in the banks or financial group like edward-jones(spl?) and put your money in it. The brokeer is going to help you to make the desicison on the investment and of course going to charge you.

3. Open an RRSP account with a bank like TD waterhouse and then manage the investment yourself. It is going to cost you, but cost youless than option 2.

Before open an RRSP account, certain paper , like previous TAX return doc which indicate how much room left for you, is going to be required to show you still have RRSP room left.

There is no rush to decide how much you need to buy RRSP now since you can still contribute to your 2001 RRSP till next Feb..
2001-11-30 -05:00

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