suis (unechinoise)
±ê Ìâ: this is real bad news.
·¢ÐÅÕ¾: The unknown SPACE (Mon Nov 19 18:20:39 2001), תÐÅ

State Department Suspends TCN Processing in Mexico and Canada (11-19-2001)

The Department of State (DOS) has temporarily suspended the ability
for 3rd country nationals (individuals who are not residents of Canada
or Mexico) to process their request for visas at the US Consulates
and border posts. Currently scheduled non-immigrant visa appointments
are being cancelled.

Apparently, DOS is concerned that INS maybe changing its practices
on the borders. This appears to be a reference to readmission
after a stay of less than 30 days in Canada or Mexico. DOS does
not want to burden Canada and Mexico with a large number of visa
applicants whose cases are pending background and security checks,
but who may not be readmitted to the US.
2001-12-2 -05:00

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