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The implementations of Java Virtual Machines, roughly pseaking,
falls into two categories. One uses the native threads, another creates its green threads in itself.

Actually, it is very easy to make people understand what a process is. But
many senior programmer, even though they have 20 years expereinces, cannot do robust Multithreading programming. If one want's to do robust Java programming, he/she at least read one of the following books:
1) Java Threads from Oreilley; 2) Taming Java Threads. Without good understanding, people can easily get into the following problem: deadlock and CPU startvation. Task scheduling is by no means an easy topic we can clarify during the discussion here.
2001-2-26 -05:00

回到话题: What's the difference between Thread and Process? It's said process is expensive and thread is much more efficient when I learn the difference between CGI and Servlet. tks.

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