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Pisces: Hey, Eglington!
Eglington: Yes, Dear fish?

Pisces: I just got my first computer.
Eglington: That's great Dear fish. What did you get?

Pisces: A Pentium III, with 128 Megs of RAM, a 12.1 Gig
hard drive, and a 48X CD-ROM.
Eglington: That's terrific, Dear fish

Pisces: But I don't know what any of it means!!
Eglington: You will in time.

Pisces: That's exactly why I am here to see you.
Eglington: Oh?

Pisces: I heard that you are a real computer expert.
Eglington: Well, I don't know-

Pisces: Yes-sir-ee. You know your stuff. And you're going to train me.
Eglington: Really?

Pisces: Uh huh. And I am here for my first lesson.
Eglington: O.K. Dear fish. What do want to know?

Pisces: I am having no problem turning it on, but I heard
that you should be very careful how you turn it off.
Eglington: That's true.

Pisces: So, here I am working on my new computer and I
want to turn it off. What do I do?
Eglington: Well, first you press the Start button, and then-

Pisces: No, I told you, I want to turn it off.
Eglington: I know, you press the Start button-

Pisces: Wait a second. I want to turn it off. Off. I know
how to start it. So tell me what to do.
Eglington: I did.

Pisces: When?
Eglington: When I told you to press the Start button.

Pisces: Why should I press the Start button?
Eglington: To shut off the computer.

Pisces: I press Start to stop.
Eglington: Well Start doesn't actually stop the computer.

Pisces: I knew it! So what do I press.
Eglington: Start

Pisces: Start what?
Eglington: Start button.

Pisces: Start button to do what?
Eglington: Shut down.

Pisces: You don't have to get rude!
Eglington: No, no, no! That's not what I meant.

Pisces: Then say what you mean.
Eglington: To shut down the computer, press-

Pisces: Don't say, "Start!"
Eglington: Then what do you want me to say?

Pisces: Look, if I want to turn off the computer, I am
willing to press the Stop button, the End button and
Cease and Desist button, but no one in their right mind
presses the Start to Stop.
Eglington: But that's what you do.

Pisces: And you probably Go at Stop signs, and Stop at
green lights.
Eglington: Don't be ridiculous.

Pisces: I'm being ridiculous? Well, I think it's about
time we started this conversation.
Eglington: What are you talking about?

Pisces: I am starting this conversation right now.
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2001-2-27 -04:00
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