you = an older god brother, I faint. I have two brothers, but I seldom tell them anything about myself. Since Junior school, I got used to be intermediate person.

lilyba (Sunshine)
Anyhow, I can not complain since they are all more beautiful and tender. So now all my girl friends married, and are mum now.
But one of my best girl friend now is going to divorce. Her husband is my classmate too. They fall in love in Junior school. After 9 year's love, they got married, then after another 5 or 6 years marriage, they broke up. So sad.
2001-12-13 -05:00

回到话题: 今天早上第六次路试,当考官告诉我PASS的时候,眼泪差点掉下来。自从落地之后,就去报名学车,个中的委屈还真是不少。

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