Tips for QuickSearch in IE

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Regardless how many people are finger-pointing at Microsoft,
but Windows is still the most popular system, and IE is my
favorite internet browser, I believe most of yours as well. I've
learned a tip for QuickSearch, and set it up in my PC, and later
I could not recall how I did it ;-( and finally I figure it out today
I'd like to share it with you guys, have fun and happy surfing

1) quick-access to address bar F6, (btw you might know F5 for

2) install web accessories if you don't have one, here is the url

3) once 2) is installed, on the link menu-bar, you will see, Quick Search.exe shortcut on it, click on it, then click New, fill up the following

shortcut : g (whatever you like, mine g for google, y for yahoo)
search : select "Custom URL"

click OK, then click Save

4) now, use 1) go to, address bar, then type :
g rolia chinese

is that a bit faster?
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