Microsoft Support Centre: Do Not Disk Duplicate Installed Versions of Windows (Q162001)

agincourt (百灵鸟)

Microsoft provides several methods for the proper deployment of the Windows operating system. The use of a supported method is very important to ensuring the security of the systems running Windows is not compromised.

Computers running the Windows operating system use a Security ID (SID) to uniquely identify themselves. When you use disk-duplicating software, it is important to take steps to ensure the uniqueness of these Security IDs. This article briefly describes the SID and supported methods for cloning or duplicating a Windows installation.

2001-12-26 -05:00

回到话题: 把Win2000、WinXP从一台机器搬迁至另一台硬件配置不同的机器,用什么方法最好?用Windows内带的Backup/Restore估计是不行的。重装太烦了。

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