Ans: 1. Application Form downloaded from BJ embassy. Handed in by my friend who lives in BJ. You have to prepare an authorization letter for your friend. Mail in will take you long long time.

richard8822 (Richard)
It took 5 HOURS(same day) to get the visa. 2. Not sure. 3. We filled in 6 months. reason: visit my child's family. 4. Stay with us for the Christmas. Good Luck!
2001-12-27 -05:00

回到话题: 急急急!母亲访客签证延期成功(又给了六个月),但要求体检。现仅住三月就要走, 还没有进行体检。问:如不体检就这样直接订票回国会有什么后果?出关会有麻烦吗?谢谢.

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