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For new drivers,used car is the better choice.1,cheaper insurance for more deductible or for droping the COLLISION and COMPREHENSIVE options.2,better and cheaper parts available.3,cheaper to fix in case of accident.

I know that there are lots of scams waiting for our Newcomers.I have seen some myself.

So ,how to save money and buy a reliable used car with a reasonable price?The answer is very simple:always have some one who knows cars to help you for the whole process of buying a used car (new car as well).CHECK THE CAR'S CONDITION! If you need professional or even half-professional advice and if you have to pay for that,just pay! Don't save a little at the begining and end up losing a lot more.Don't rush into buying a car that you don't know (the model's reliability,the parts and service' s availability,and the car's condition).

Good Luck!
Protect your money and our Newcomer's "face".Don't let the other people think little of we Newcomers!
Hold together! Fight back!
<本文发表于: 相约加拿大:枫下论坛 www.rolia.net/f >

2001-12-30 -04:00

回到话题: 我从未开过车,这是第一次买车,因此很困惑。到底买新车好,还是旧车好呢?同一款车,买旧车比买新车到底节约多少?年底新车贷款低,很诱惑。(我已经工作半年),请大侠们指点!谢谢!

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