Don't be fool by immigrant company. That's their benefit. They false represent immigrants.

yong (yang)
In fact, if in new law, the eliqible may come as soon as they what, the not qualified don't need to waste three years and come here, but can't find job, just complain canada government cheat them.
In that case, immigrant company can't earn many. That's why they quarral so strong and seems they represent the majority of immigrant.
Although it's a little bit unfair to already applier, I think they must have law doc to say you accept the explaination of law before you could apply for immigrant. Here, in the benefit of canada, if we already we do wrong thing, why not change before make further. We really don't like to invite not qualified people here. Not only for us, but also for them. Even they come, what's the results. We already have so many jobless. Engineer to labour. ladies to prostitute.
2002-1-3 -05:00

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