You are totally wrong.

fionah (Fiona)
I was born in Beijing. I lived in Beijing and Shanghai before I entered primary school. Also, I graduated from one university in Shanghai, and then I went to Guangzhou after graduated.

Actually, I don't like any small cities I have visited. Also, I don't like ShenZhen. ShenZhen cannot be called “big city” in my opinion.

I know there are a lot of opportunities to earn money. Although I am not rich, I still can live pretty well for a few years in Toronto without income.

I don't like to live in China because I don't like the living environment. Although Toronto is not very good place for live, it is better than each cities in China that I have lived in.

Money means nothing if I cannot live as what I like. After I earn enough money in China, my all life would be ruined there. I cannot have dream if I still live somewhere in China.

Maybe there are fewer opportunities for me in Canada, but I still have dream. Also, that dream is not as far as I cannot touch.
2002-1-5 -05:00

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