Thank you very much! I have worked in this company for half year. at first, I am nice to every one and they are nice to me. later on when i want to say something, some guys 噎 me. so, little by little i have no words.

tianfue (tomy)
2002-1-6 -05:00

回到话题: 我怎样才能RELAX TO WORK?每天上班在高速上开车来回1小时,又因为工作在一个全英语环境(除我之外无一中国人),遭别人嫉妒,同事关系不融恰,精神很紧张,导致我双腿浮肿,酸胀无力,很是心烦 ,请教各位大虾有无高招? 谢!

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