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georget (Farmer Field)
I am an new immigrant from states, I used be an engineer for 3 years in Silicon Valley, I agree with the part of your opinions, you ignoring the main difference between 2 countries, in the states, Chinese people focus on keep their status legally (like green card, citizen), this is their destination, around this point, they work hard and keep upgrade every single day, they get more achievement than people living in Canada, even I have a nice job in Toronto right now, but I am still prefer the states, I guess people lived in the states before have same feeling as me.
I would suggest we held a poll or survey in Rolia to figure out new immigrants status in Canada, i.e. how many years you stay here? when you landing here? are you a student or independent landing immigrant? what is your major in technical? How long you get your first job? what is your salary range?
The result is a useful tip for new immigrants and will benefit us.
2002-1-7 -05:00

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