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When i first accessed internet in China in 1996, I subscribed several
mailing lists and they were quite good. my experience with mailing list
is quite good.Now many people can have 24/7 internet access and mailing
list appears a little bit outdated. But it saves your time by checking
your emails instead of checking the different web pages from time to

So i decided to set up a mailing list for Chinese guys in Canada or
guys in China who wish to immigrate to Canada or study in Canada. It's an
unmoderated mailing list, which means your email WILL BE VIEWED BY
EVERY SUBSCRIBER. We will see how it goes.

As the mailing list is a team work, I sincerely urge everybody to use
it not to abuse it. Let's rock and roll! (Please find all the necessary
information below and enjoy your mailing list!)Post message:
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