Why did I annonce I have lost my job?

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I just want to use this matter to remind some basic facts

1) Don't just see the high-pay in the IT industry. Don't think you can always make a high salary. In the market, Java programmers are becoming cheaper and cheaper. I envisioned all of these things
so I have been hacking on C++. (Many friends told me not to play with C++. Their reason is "You are already a Java prorammer". ) Java
is not dying but it won't be as hot as 6 months ago.

2) The most important thing is the present, not the far future. Many people from China want to have a permanent job. Actually, few things
are permanent. In Canada and USA, university professors with a TENURE have permanent jobs.

3) If somebody gets fired or laid off, don't simply think he/she is stupid.
In my case, it is neither a lay-off nor firing. The project is dead. I believe more dot.coms will die and more people will find a new job.

4)I advise the Chinese friends in Canada not come to USA before you become a Canadian citizen. Being on H1-B is not an easy thing. Because of lay-off, some Chinese people have a very miserable situation in USA----they need to get a new job within one month. Their
green card case is dismissed, albeit almost successful! This is why some peole don't have a green card even after living in this country for 8 years!
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