a girl from BJ

smartgirl888 (haha)
I was one of girls in DA BEI YAO those days. I liked to hanged around with girlfriends ,we bought cheap but nice clothes, shoes, purses and all kind of low quality stuff. After crazy shoppings, we went to American 31 flavors ice cream store to gain some weight. I don't buy stuff there any more, but I missed that so much.

I am in Totonto now. Most of time , just feel nothing but the time passing by. I thought I was strong enough, but your message made me homesick again.

2002-1-9 -05:00

回到话题: 想找个善解人意的女人聊聊天,来加拿大这么久还没遇到过(我相信一定有). 优秀的女人好象是件艺术品 - 无论从哪个角度看都是那么赏心悦目......

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