Hence the next, more important question is: if we wanna have such an overseas place of cultural and life-style attractions with family values, for chinese canadians, what do we do and how do we build/enhance the place?

hsl (胡司令)
1. toronto has been such a place, well kind of, for mainland chinese -- it is obviously more for HK-based cantonese speakers, as lots of social infrastructure have been built by wealthy HK tycoons and folks. i don't expect anything similar happening with lots of mainland tycoons pouring into this place, etc. so i think, the best way for us is to get closer to HK folks, get to know more about their culture and language (i've seen the same trend from the other direction) and this way, we can be better off. just imagine -- if we cant even interact well with HK people here, who are of the same origin, how can we live better in a more general, multi-cultural environment?

2. not to conflict too much with other ethnic cultures in the same place can be a sensitive and subtle issue -- i guess we are all learning, including the canadian government, how a multi-cultural society of old/new immigrants works.

just some sunday night thoughts :))
2002-1-13 -05:00

回到话题: 华人在北美多数随金钱走的原因初探:如果没有一个文化上相对而言比较吸引他们的地方,那么最简单的方法就是跟钱走。想想为什么不是所有北京人都愿搬去深圳;为什么不是所有荷兰移民都愿搬去加州——钦此。

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