hi jabber, you are a real man

guest (guest)
i have read over in this site for a while and i aslo know you are from the same city in china as i
was. although i am not an IT guy, but my industry is as competitive but slowingdown as yours.

i strongly feel you possess all sorts natures---skillful, resourceful, knowlegable, helpful, kind,
diligent,...i really believe you are bound to get a better position soon.

i am in motor city, involved auto parts/subassenblies manufacturing and delivery. my duty is to
do computer FEA (you xian yuan) simulation prior to any mass production. duty is heavy, but this
does not guarantee the stabability of employment---we are having a rotating layoff.

take care, and look forward to hearing your good news.
2001-3-16 -05:00

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