Could I give you and your friend another suggestion, hope you won't be angry.

lumlumq (lumlum)
It's very very important to improve our language ability, if we want to survive or get successful in north america. You could find many previous posts in this forum on how to improve our english.

I do understand you and your friend are focusing on Chinese market, but I strongly encourage you to push yourself to improve English, which also will be helpful on everything here.

BTW, thank you for your appreciation, I am really flaterred, but I also feel embarous. I am too far away from what you described.

But I will work hard to pursue my dream. No matter to be a successful businesswoman, or a wonderful housewife. Xixi... Actually I am good at that too.... xixi... ( I mean housewife)

Good day, lumlum ^_^
2001-3-16 -05:00

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