Anyone can give out T4s and T5s, with the right software, I can give you a T4 if you want...I was teaching you to not pay any tax at all, though you didn't seem to be interested. The formal way is

slimpiggy (瘦猪犹如插翅虎)
You are a self-employed individual, you performed for the firm and invoice it, your employer pays for your service and gets deduction on operating expenses, you report income on your T1 according to the invoices, in which case you can deduct employment related expenses including telephone, cable, cell phone, part of autoexp, and toilet paper

perhaps your boss doesn't really know what's going on, and reject any T forms he offers, that's hard evidence that you want to avoid at all cost...
2002-1-19 -05:00

回到话题: 请问T5和T4有什么不同?老板说要给我T5,朋友说区别不大,但我因此可以把电话费之类的放进去抵税,因为我算自雇,尽管我还没有自己的公司。保险之后开始补习税务课~~

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