my wife herself is

guest (guest)
a team leader. at first she is a "lead hand" (work cell coordinator). basically the title involves both technical aspects and management.

langunage proficiency is a must. strong managemen ability =planning + implementing + controlling + interacting + coordinating.

dealing with people is even more important than with tech or machine. other "know-how": meeting with upper leaders, documentation, everyday work report (brief emails), ...

like i said, it is a nice job, but I may think the language ability that has been verified in previous position is the most significant (if you, or i, think your English is good, it will likely not count, coz your upper leader is the real boss).

good luck
2001-3-17 -05:00

回到话题: 请问已经工作了的朋友,TEAM LEADER都干些什么?英语要求很高吗?有个AGENT说要给我介绍个TEAM LEADER的工作,我觉得他有点搞笑,可又觉得除了英语,自己做TEAM LEADER完全合格。大家说说,可能吗?

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