111111, you are right. It is company's policy in response to the government action. If you were told it is the government charge, this is a lie. .

jello (JELLO)
There are a couple of ways you can do, you can switch to another long distance company which does not charge this fee, or you can cancel your saving plan with Bell, use prepaid phone card or 1010XXX. But don't recommend block your LD access, because therefore even you switch to another LD company, you will not be able to make LD calls. You can use Phone card only. It's sort of troublesome, personally I think.
2002-1-22 -05:00

回到话题: Bell的电话帐单中有一项“Miscellaneous charges or credits”是什么费用呀?该项的明细中写的是“Network Charge”,共$1.25。请问这是什么费用呢?有人能回答我么?谢谢!

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