Thanks Pingle. 对Section 140我又细读了一遍,确实是illegal, 但那个FAQ的回答没那么强制性。为了100刀,管理处一点商量余地都没有,土皇帝!现在弄僵掉乐,不知道坚持不付会怎么样。。。

holly (泡泡,泡泡,洋泡泡)
"If you have signed a lease for a specific period (such as your first year,) and you want to terminate it before the its official (legal) end, you *may wish to pay* a reasonable fee if requested by the landlord to gain their cooperation" 我的理解是,比如说我的合同是1年的,如果不满1年要提前搬走,我得支付房东提出的reasonable fee(e.g. $100).
2002-1-24 -05:00

回到话题: 请问大家,现在租的apartment签了一年的lease,是不是如果住不满一年就得赔给它几个月的房租?在lease中只说'如果要中断,

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