Sorry for dissappointing you. I have never taken TOFEL, GRE and ESL tests because I was a home-grown Ph. D in China.

jabber (jabber)
Young man, your attitude in evaluating people will bring you some unhappy things in the Western society. Showing respect for others is a basic behaviorial guide in the Western society. Tell the truth, I also don't know what DIN or DYN means though many friends use this acronym. By the way, I also don't know where that New Oriental Language School is located. Is it run by the Canadian government?

In English writing, people may use acronyms in some contexts. Without the context, few acronyms can be understood. If you talk 10 Americans or Canadians, at least 3-4 of them do not understand TOFEL, GRE, and ESL, let alone TWE. Of course, most Amricans know FBI, MIT, NATO, and JFK. But if you talk English speakers from China, you may found that many of them do not know NATO and JFK.

Arrogance is not a deed to a young man, even he or she comes from Peking University or Tsinghwa University.

No more comments. Good luck!
2001-3-20 -05:00

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