Your dream may never come true, but we still have to dream it. A place near IT componies is hard to find. Most of the IT firms are located in three locations, downtown Toronto, Missisaauga, Markham, so where do you think the place is?

albxu (Yukon)
The DVP + 401 area may be the right place. Commuting is good, but bear in mind that aera does not have a good rental price.

You have to compromise something in favor of the other. I guess this may be the reason why some people responded you post that way.

You question is honest but the "not too high rental price" is not clear. Is it below 700$ or below 1000$?

We all came from mainland China. Sometimes we may guess the "not too high rental price" means below 500 or 600$. And this is hard to archieve if you're talking about an apartment.
2001-3-20 -05:00

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