Jian, sorry about that. I'd like to tell you, I got the exactly same situation as you--- really smoked before.

juliancanery (julian)
But it won't help anyway to your life and future.

I would like do something holpfully, rather than nothing but spread hopless to my family.

Only you can make your life better here, and most of the people are all same experience here.

I don't think there is a shortcut, just take your time do something, English is the first thing first.

I can be wrong totally on my personal opinon. if my words hurt to you, I apologise here.

I am not a IT guy, I work for CDMA, wireless communication. I did my own way, not follow with others.
I mean that It may not work on you from others, you are the only guy know yourself well.

You are not racing to anybody here, instead of your own!

Best wishes and good luck !
2001-3-20 -05:00

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