Great article, David. Your writing skill is not bad. If you want me to find some GMAT grammar mistakes in the article, please come in.

daqiao (Bill)
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First, I must say your writing skill is much better than that of mine. But pick up grammar mistakes is much easier than writing. I am doing this just for fun. hehe

(I hesitated to write this post in English. Cause I know my English is not good enough to express my ideas clearly and accurately. Hope friends can help me improve my writing skills. Any of your advices will be very appreciated.)

Two weeks ago, a lady who I met in a Gospel church lent me a film – China Cry. She eagerly recommended it to me because she thought it could reveal some truths of China. It is a biographical movie, talking about a Chinese woman’s life from 1949 to 1958. Certainly, she ( GMAT PRONOUN ERROR: WHICH PERSON DOES 'SHE' REFER TO?) she was a Christian, and was tortured for her religion. After I had watched it, the lady asked me what I thought about it. I told her:” It’s a good story, but it can represent neither China or Chinese people.”

I admire efforts of the director and excellent performance of those actors(TOFLE LEVEL GRAMMAR MISTAKE: IS THERE ANY ACTRESS IN THE FILM?) . They really tried to tell some truths of China to the world. Frankly, among those Chinese topic films produced by foreigner ( TOFLE LEVEL GRAMMAR MISTAKE: SHOULD BE FOREIGNERS) it’s one of the most objective. But, it was produced in Hongkong, Macow, and Taibei, so some scenes are so wired to me. Chinese polices’ uniforms are looked like those worn by Wang Jing Wei’s army(黑狗子怎么说?). The story happened in 1950s, but those buildings have not appeared in China till the end of 1980s. As a capitalist doctor’s daughter, the protagonist could work as a political instructor for the Chinese People Republic Army (中国人民解放军怎么说?).

Ok, let’s forget these minutia. I still will say:” The protagonist was lucky. At least, she could flee to Hongkong, her husband’s hometown.” Most of us know the fact that from 1958-1961 millions of Chinese peasants died of famine. Compared with those innocent victims, even someone suffered physical or mental abuse for their believes, they did not bear more hardship. To populace, they just wanted clothes, food, and shelters. To them, spiritual pursuit was really a kind of luxury.

I am not blaming religions. When people live in a wealthy condition, definitely they ( GMAT GRAMMAR: SHOULD BE THEY DEFINITELY) need mental satisfaction. In this condition, religions are much better than tale dance. The bottom line is whether we are rich enough to enjoy this freedom.

I believe that most of new immigrates belong to elites of China. I know many friends worked in joint ventures or kernel ( MAYBE YOU SHOULD USE CORE ) departments of state-owned enterprises, our formal revenue ( TOFLE LEVEL GRAMMAR MISTAKE: SHOULD BE FORMER REVENUE, BUT IN FACT IF YOU USE FAMILY INCOME MAYBE BETTER) are much higher than the average amount of Chinese families ( GMAT GRAMMAR MISTAKE: COMPARISON. CAN NOT COMPARE ' REVENUE WITH 'AMOUNT'. ) . Yes, we can be proud of our skills, our knowledge, or our fortune. But friends, have you thought about those Chinese populace? Since 1949, developments of Chinese cities have been based on sacrifices of Chinese country. Those friends having country background must have deeper feeling than mine ( GMAT GRAMMAR MISTAKE: COMPARISON. SHOULD BE 'THAT OF MINE') . Similarly, why not consider these questions: Why in these big modern cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, people can live in a better life? ( GMAT GRAMMAR MISTAKE: MODIFICATION. SHOULD BE ' WHY PEOPL CAN ....IN THESE BIG ...) .Why as a programmer or engineer of (TOFLE: SHOULD BE 'IN) China, we just can earn several thousand RMB, but in Canada even 40K CND is considered as ( GMAT: SHOULD BE 'CONSIDER' NOT 'CONSIDER AS'. REMEMBER CONSIDER=REGARD AS) ?,a low salary?

Can we refuse to answer these questions? We are living in Canada, but our parents, our friends, our past, are left in that land. We are shocked by the serials of bank-robberies in 2000, and now it’s four bombs exploding in a big city of China. What’s the reason of these tragedies? Are those unemployed really inferior? Do they just lack some kind of luck?

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2001-3-21 -04:00
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