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sailor (Sailor)
I find many forums have such function, however, things are a little different in rolia.com.

There're two major reason preventing rolia.com from the "hit counting" function:

1, In rolia.com people are encouraged to post "subject-only" message if it's short enough, so that readers can get the whole message without a further click. In this case, the hit counting function doesn't make much sense because it counts only a portion of the messages.

2, To count the hits of a message, we have to write the data into database eachtime a message is read. Currently this function is not feasible because it'll burden the database a lot. (Almost all functions in rolia.com are database-driven).

Hope my explaination make all of you clear. Thank you very much for your warm-hearted suggestions. Please still feel free to post any comments whenever you raise it.
2001-3-21 -05:00

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