I passed at there. it's said one of the most difficult test centers in GTA, but I didn't feel so. actually, it has very complex test courses that you need to handle very carefully

slimetiger (瘦老虎)
by tuxue (吐血) at 2001.10.29 17:24

especially the course that starts to Keele street and turn to south. there are too much changing lane you have to do within a very short period. if you were required to drive to Wilson avenue and follow to west, you would be so lucky.

remember, you must explore the possible courses, particularly what I mentioned above, the one started from Keele-street and tured to south, including the path inside the test center, because even this segment is not simple. were you familiar with those courses, you would just wait the failure. only one reason, the course mentioned above too complicated, no one knows what will change in next 50 meters if he is not familiar with it.

if you take the G test, you will be ordered to Keele street and closely follow to ture into the Keele street enter of 401 before or after an overpass, depending west or east direction you drive.
2002-2-6 -05:00

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