Computer Technician Paper Interview questions

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1. What is a Security Access Token and when are they created?
2. What are hive files and where are they stored?
3. How is the emergency repair disk used?
4. What can be found in the %systemroot%\system32\repl\import\scripts folder?
5. What is the function of the master browser and the backup browser?
6. What is the difference between share-level and user-level security?
7. What can be controlled by a policy that cannot be controlled by a profile? vice versa?
8. What can a local group have as members? A global group?
9. If Domain B trusts Domain A, users in domain A can set permissions on files for which users?
10. What are the three domain models? Describe.
11. What is the limitation of NT backup when backing up files across the network?
12. Can you connect two Exchange sites using an Internet connector and why?
13. The MTA can be configured at which level?
14. What is the “checkpoint size”? If you have an unreliable link should you increase or decrease the checkpoint size? Why?
15. What is the GWART, who creates it and how is it used?
16. How can you grant permission to access a mailbox to someone other than the mailbox owner?
17. What is the difference between directory replication and content replication?
18. What is a tombstone?
19. What is the importance of CHK.LOG and how does it relate to the log files?
20. What is the function of the knowledge consistency checker and where is it located?
21. What are the three main troubleshooting tools that come with Exchange and what is their purpose?
22. What has to be loaded on W2000 before installing Exchange 2000 and why?
23. What tools are used to manage Exchange 2000?
24. What is a storage group?
25. How is mail routed within a routing group?
26. What is the Exchange 2000 replacement for:
a. Custom Recipient
b. Distribution Lists
c. Recipient Containers
27. What is a mail enabled user account?
28. What can a recipient policy determine?
29. What connectors are available in Exchange 2000?
30. What advantage does LSA routing offer over the GWART
31. Name the registry values that can control the replication of the SAM database
32. What is the registry value that sets a machine to be a Preferred Master Browser?
33. What is the difference between RAS and RRAS?
34. What is WINS? On what type of network would it be used?
35. With Microsoft Proxy Server, what is the difference between active and passive caching?
36. When should Terminal Server not be used?
37. What is RDP and ICA?
38. What is a quorum resource?
39. What does the Active Directory consist of? Describe the parts.
40. What is symmetric and asymmetric cryptography?
41. What is the ACE ordering?
42. In what two ways can a Dfs volume be hosted?
43. What is the difference between an object class and an object instance?
44. When creating a new object in the AD, where does the default DACL for an object come from? Are they explicit or inherited?
45. What is the significance of changing membership in a universal group?
46. Why would I use a DACL on a GPO?
47. What Windows 2000 technology do you think will most significantly reduce desktop administration costs? Why?
48. Name 2-3 benefits and drawbacks of using RIS
49. What benefits does Sysprep provide?
50. Describe the use of loopback processing for GPOs
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