I am talking about the skater. And he did say that Canadian couple is not head and shoulder above them. As technician or not, if some Russian says so, good for him.

wade (wade)
Anyway, this is just my personal view, no hard feeling, OK.
2002-2-14 -05:00

回到话题: 虽说加拿大丢了双人滑冠军有些可惜, 可看这两天电视,报纸等长篇累牍地报道, 以及加拿大向冬奥会请求调查judge, 努力想夺回这枚金牌, etc...让人感到不舒服, 一股小家子气, 没有风度. 一开始还令人同情, 现在太过分了.

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