Thanks for Winterblue & Rollor's vindication. I am not an elocutionist. But it's a good opportunity to practice my English skills, I write this essay.

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Two weeks ago, one of my friends called me from Montreal. He worked for a Canadian company in Shenzhen. This time, he was assigned by his boss to Canada to conduct a new project. He had told me he that he was finding a new job and got dozens of interviews. So, when I heard his voice, I supposed he would come to some companies in Toronto. But he told me "I'll be back China." "What?! As an excellent Telecommunication Engineer, I am sure you can find a job even in this recession." His decision surprised me. "Thank you for your encouragement. I am not worrying about my job. In fact, I've got offers from some big companies." his voice changed to sad, "But have you heard the news about those explosions in Shi Jia-Zhuang?" "Yes, I am so sorry to hear that." He interrupted me, "Chinese people are at the edge of mad. I think I must come back to tell them something about religions." I argued with him, "Are you a missionary? And do you believe Chinese could accept Christianity?" He replied, "Yes, I am an engineer. And I think most of Chinese held rejective attitude to Christianity. But some Chinese are too indulging in the worship of money. If their fanatic dream of wealth cannot be fulfilled, they will do such dreadful things. I believe religion can lead them calm down. To intellectuals, give them Christian idea. To farmers, give them Buddhism." "What will you propagate to those unemployed workers?" I asked him. "I haven't got clear idea about this. But I will find an answer."

Maybe someone will censure this friend as a naive person. I really admire him for his courage and altruism. But I did not totally agree with him. So I wrote an essay(#35572) to express my opinion. In that essay, I said that religions or some kinds of mental pursuit were luxury to Chinese people. The other part of my idea is "Chinese need wealth." I am not saying everyone should only pay attention to money. What I mean is :" China is not rich enough to consider ideology. Economic development should be put on the highest priority of Chinese tasks . And to ensure economic development, a stable social system, a reasonable allotment system, and a law-based bureaucratic system are necessary preconditions." But now, these systems are still under construction.

I am so glad that Mr. Jian mentioned those internal migrants of China. Maybe some friends can remember an article written by Old Wolf #35517. It described another side of Shenzhen's flourish. Friends, when you enjoy your comfortable life in a modern Chinese city, have you though about why your salaries are much higher than other ones'? If it's because you create such huge contribution to the society, I heartily admire you. Yesterday, Sina published the first formal official survey of Chinese wealth class. I think we can get some clues from that report. Even you are proud of your professional skills, your fortune, or something else. Please tell me, where this polarization of wealth will lead China to? Why demonstrations, bank robberies, and explosions occurred in China since the beginning of new millennium?

Loyalty of a country does not mean not bashing its ulcers. It seem as that you can't refuse to cut your lover's cancer just because you love him/her and do not want hurt him/her. It's a good news that Chinese government is reconstructing Chinese social insurance system, its medical insurance system, it's trying to emancipate enterprises from administrative bandage. Hope Chinese people can smoothly pass these turbulent years. China can enter a formal developing route. Then we can use what we learned from these developing counties to serve our homeland.


中国几百年的闭关锁国,最终导致的是自己的衰弱。记得鸦片战争前,中国的统治者还对外号称自己是天朝大国,英法等地不过是蛮夷之邦,可倒是非常地骄傲。然后一旦战败,马上就割地赔款,奴颜婢膝。Jian 说得很对,不要像阿Q,洋洋自得,如果仅仅为了挣钱在这里做 General labour 和 Senior System Architect 没有本质性区别。更不要说什么"做 labour 工,一样可以养车买房。",那样就是对你自己聪明才智的浪费。可是也没有必要因为一时的低落,丧失信心。我很欣赏的一句话"鹰总是鹰。虽然有的时候它比鸡飞的还低,但是它一飞冲天的高度,鸡是永远达不到的。"

我相信已经从中国来的或者准备从中国来的技术移民们,都应该对自己的未来有过反复的考虑。我认识的很多朋友放弃了身份,回中国去了。他们并不是Loser, 只是他们认为在中国能更好地发挥他们的聪明才智。衷心地希望他们能在中国的发展中起到积极的作用,而不是把目前社会、法制的种种不完善当成个人资本积累的"机会"。我自己选择留下,是因为面对世界的挑战很多经营管理的理念在中国无法接触,我希望能够学到这些知识。我说自己为了生存去做 General labour, 确实有些矫情,如果不去读书的话,我完全可以闷在家里蹲完三年移民监。但是现在我可以从我的亲身体验对朋友们说,即便去做 General labour, your life in this country will not down to the hell and it will be much better in the future. We are not second class citizen. We can live in this country with honor of being Chinese. And this will not come just because of some elites, it depends on struggle of you and me.

我并没有 Rollor 大哥说的那么好。从我的兴趣来说,我也是喜欢做些实际的技术工作。但是当我发现技术需要经营管理才能转化成实际的效益,特别是从中国来的这么多技术人才被浪费在不需要技术的岗位上后,我决心去学习管理了。希望与朋友们一起为中国以及在海外的中国人的发展共同努力。
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