songl (风)
1. my box model is P768, which could sustain 110 ~ 250V, even though there is some deviation regarding the power statement on the user manual and on the rear label.

2. call their support technician, no kidding, I did it before and the answer is positive.

3. the last resort is you find a power transfomer, which is 220v to 110v, to connect your DVD player to its 110v output, it's a little bittle funny though, but it could give me triple assurance, and I also did before.
2002-2-19 -05:00

回到话题: 女儿到了没有动画片茶饭不思的地步,听说那边的DVD纠错能力不好,哪位前辈知道怎样将220V的DVD改成110V的,难不难?或者温格华是否有变压器卖,不过还是改装一劳永逸。我的DVD PLAYER是金正的,用得挺好。

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