US residential (in-state) tuition fee at public universities and colleges is cheaper than that Canada. Usually $5-20/credit (US dollar). I once took 10 credits and paid $100 on everything including parking.

roo (baloon)
In contrast, a canadian college charges $200 on parking only. Canadian transcripts in also more expensive to get.
2002-2-21 -05:00

回到话题: BC省的医疗保险费说要涨了,学校的学费说也要涨,可真是不能在这儿呆下去了,将来小孩岂不是要花很多钱才能上大学?哪位知道美国本地人上大学学费贵吗?怎么又看见一位说要加税,还加呀!已经太高了

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