SAS stands for Statisitics Analysis System. It's used widely on area of finance system. SAS insitutite is no.10 largest software company in North America.

flyfisher (fisher)
1) SAS is an integrated developemnt / analysis environment, which includes a number fo package, such s SAS/BASE, SAS/Stat, SAS/Connection, SAS/IntraNet, etc. The Most popular one is SAS/BASE. You can think it's new development language (so-called 4th generation language). Generally speaking, it's a very powerful software package.
2) SAS can be running on various platforms, like OS390, AS/400, UNIX, NT, and other. It can also be interfaced with almost all DBMS, like Oracle, SYbase, DB2, VSAM, even Excel, Access.
3) I have been using SAS on OS390, UNIX, and Windows NT. I think it's not hard to learn but you need to spend time in order to master it.
2002-2-24 -05:00

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