If you don't have a lot of machines you'd better just logon to each machine and update manually. Otherwise, there are a lot of ways to do it remotely and automatically. For example,

dennis2 (Dennis)
1. Use Microsoft SMS to deliver the patch.
2. Use rcmd to logon to each machine and install the patch from the command line. This can be automated.
3. Method 2 is not quite secure. A secure method would be to install ssh server on each machine and use ssh instead of rcmd. Again, this can be automated too.

You can combine method 2 and 3: use rcmd to install ssh server remotely and use ssh for security update and any future update. The only catch for method 2 and 3 is that Windows 9x/ME might not support rcmd or ssh.

A version of OpenSSH v3.0.2 on Windows can be found in the attached link.
2002-2-27 -05:00

回到话题: Microsoft发布了新的security patch for IE,如果要在每台计算机上都安装这个patch,有什么简便的办法?难道非要login 到每台计算机上吗?thanks

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