It's same as Napster, peer to peer network. You need to register and download it's software to install on your pc. You search the file in other people's pc, including mp3, video, software..

jkmazy (小农就怕秀才)
Other people can also download from your pc (specific directory). But you can change the setting to block others. It's very useful if you have high speed internet. Normally I download movie and software. I just finish download John Q today. Try it if you don't care the security of your computer, but everything is fine for me.
2002-2-27 -05:00

回到话题: 请问有关DX,在AUTOCAD 里渲染过的图象怎么输出到PHOTOSHOP中呢?RENDER后只能存成BMP格式,而PHOTOSHOP里面好象没有这种格式。

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