ai ya! isn't it too late at your time? nice to hear from u. it's okay to spend 10-12 hours in office/travel (so no time to visit Rolia in the past weeks). working OT from home this morning and just finished reading tons of emails.

map (恭喜)
fortunately, half of them were trashed. :-)
any plan for the weekend? I'm still in GZ. Took some pictures
in black and white. but not so good as my imagination. will retry
tomorrow with color film. don't expect too much. i'm not a professional
photographer. very normal.

is it warmer now in Ottawa? I'm now hesitating for the labor-day
long vacation -- go to Au or somewhere in China. any suggestion
in North China? will go there next week for a seminar.
2001-3-30 -05:00

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