Sorry to hear about that. Come in please.

sailor (Sailor)
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow these steps:

1, Is the time and time zone setting on the said PC correct? This may affect the cookie under IE. If the problem still exists, go on to step 2.

2, Do you have a Netscape browser? Can you try to visit with Netscape?

3, Or, please let me know the following information about your system:

a, Windows 95? 98? or any other version?

b, Is your Windows a Chinese version?

c, Which version of IE are you using? Some are very buggy.

4, Maybe you have to upgrade your IE or Netscape. or un-install then re-install it.

Good luck!
2001-3-30 -05:00

回到话题: Hey, sailor, need your help! I can't post anything, because of the cookie problem. Though I have done everything according to guidance, it still doesn't work. Could you tell me how to solve this? Thx a lot! ^_^

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