Windows has a long way to go.

mvs (os/390)
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1). Instability and Inefficiency is the big limitations of Windows especially for enterprise use. I use it everyday for Internet surfing, document writing etc. not because that I feel what you said 'comfortable with it' but for I have no chance to have another choice. Indeed, Windows is widely used but I think it is not so popular. In China many people call Windows98 as '瘟98‘ just for its obvious shortcomings. When Windows abnormally shutdown usually there are no symptom, no error code/explanation or even no warnings! How many disasters would happen if you run crutial commercial/financial applications on it not mention the military affairs.
Windows also lack of reliability, scalability,security, robustness, emergency recovery mechanism, ...
Even MVS/os390 market continues to dwindle due to its availibility, complexity, flexibility, it is the best operating system for big terprise use I think. I also feel comfortable with various UNIX system.

2) I worked on Windows for some projets in VB but still don't like it. Windows programs sometimes, somehow, is unpredictable due to its unpredictable platform.
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