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remember fall+winter semesters are around 34 weeks in total. summer is calculated separately, I am not sure it's 13 or 14 weeks.

How Loan Amounts are Determined

OSAP uses a classification system to determine who, along with the student, is principally responsible for his
or her educational-related costs and therefore, who must fill out and sign a section of the student's OSAP
application. For example, married students are expected to have support from his or her partner, and the
partner will be required to supply information about his or her income, etc. All information provided on the
student's OSAP application is then taken into consideration when the amount of loan(s) the student is
entitled to receive is determined.


Married student - student and common-law or same-sex partner must fill out the application.
Student in a common-law or same-sex relationship - student and partner must fill out the application.
Sole-support parent - only the student must fill out the application.
Independent student - only the student must fill out the application.
Dependent student - student and his or her parent(s), step-parent, legal guardian(s), or official
sponsor(s) must fill out the application.

Married student:
You are married.

Student in a common-law or same-sex relationship:
For OSAP purposes, you are living in a common-law or same-sex relationship if (a) you and your
partner have been living together in a conjugal relationship for at least 3 years, or (b) you and your
partner are raising any children of whom you both are the natural or adoptive parents.

Sole-support parent:
For OSAP purposes, you are considered a sole-support parent if you have any dependent children
living with you full-time during your study period, AND you are single, separated, divorced, or

Independent student
You are considered an independent student if:
You are separated, divorced, or widowed, AND have no dependent children living with you.
You have been out of high school for at least 5 years as of the start of your study period.
You have not been a full-time student at a high school or postsecondary institution for at least
12 consecutive months on 2 or more occasions.
You are a current or former Crown Ward, or BOTH of your parents are deceased.

Dependent student
If none of the statements listed in the above categories (married, common-law, sole-support parent,
or independent student) applies to you, you are considered to be a dependent student.

Special Family Circumstances

OSAP uses standard criteria to assess your financial need and to determine the amount of funding available
to you. In some cases, these criteria may not adequately reflect your particular circumstances. For example,
you may be a survivor of family violence or other severe family problems and may be unable to obtain some
of the information needed to complete your OSAP application. Or, if you expect your parent(s) (if
applicable) income to be lower in 2000, you may request a review based on estimated 2000 income.

You may request a review provided you have not already received the maximum amount of funding. The
deadline date for requesting a review is eight weeks before the end of your study period. Additional
information is also available on the OSAP Web site or you can contact your financial aid office.

Financial Need

The ministry assesses your financial need and the amount of assistance you are entitled to receive by taking
into consideration allowable educational costs (e.g., tuition fees, other compulsory fees and book and
equipment costs, personal and living expenses), and the financial resources that you (and your family, if
applicable) are considered to be able to contribute.

The following formula is used to determine the amount of loan that may be available to you:
Allowable educational
expected contribution from
student or
student and family
the amount of financial

Your allowable educational expenses may include:
tuition fees
compulsory fees
books and equipment
personal living expenses
child-care costs

The ministry has set maximum limits for tuition fees, compulsory fees, books and supplies, equipment
costs, and personal living expenses; therefore, the amount of your loan(s) may not completely cover
your total educational and living costs.

The expected contribution is based on the ministry's calculation of the amount of money that you should
have available to pay for your education and living costs. The calculation is based on your marital status,
dependent children, work experience, and postsecondary education. Resources which are taken into
consideration can include such things as the family's contribution (from parents' or partner's income), summer
or work-term earnings, academic awards, income from government sources, investment income, and the
earnings during the student's study period.

From your financial need, the ministry determines the amount of loan(s) you are entitled to receive. It is
important to remember that there are maximum amounts of loan(s) available. You cannot receive more
loan(s) than the maximum amounts available; therefore, you may not receive funding to cover all of your
education-related costs. In addition, your loan(s) may be adjusted based on the application deadlines and

Maximum Amounts of OSAP Assistance

The following table shows the maximum amounts of Canada Student Loan (CSL) and Ontario Student Loan
(OSL) you may be eligible to receive for each week of your study period. Remember, the amounts shown
are maximums.

Single student with
no dependents
Student who is married, in a common-law
or same-sex relationship, or who is a
sole-support parent
If you are enrolled at:
Your weekly
maximum is
Your weekly maximum is
a publicly funded Canadian
college or university
an approved private
postsecondary institution in
an approved postsecondary
institution outside Ontario
an approved postsecondary
institution outside Canada
an approved hairstyling school in

Tuition Fee Limits

OSAP provides financial assistance to cover tuition and incidental fees within certain established limits.
Ontario抯 publicly funded universities and colleges of applied arts and technology may offer
揳dditional-cost recovery
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