Hey, David, would like to join you guys, 'cause I am coming.....

lumlumq (lumlum)
could you pls tell me more details on this? Will leave here on Friday morning, and come back on Sunday. So, pls do add me to your fu bai list.... ( oh, yeah, two of us. S is very happy to join all the fu bai activities...)

lumlum ^_^
2001-4-10 -05:00

回到话题: 另外下个周末是今天开春以来的第一次长周末,希望能组织一次户外活动,结识更多的朋友。暂时定的是 Brimley 的 Bluff Cliff Park,采用自带午餐的方式。对于这次活动的具体安排,还希望各位朋友提出建议。

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