It is in my backyard. Next weekend I will invite you whole family to have a BBQ in my backyard. warn you in advance, I don't know how to BBQ. everytime the beef is hard to chew, but taste still good. You'd better learn sth in SI FANG XIAO CAI.

blackswan (uglyduck)
2001-4-10 -05:00

回到话题: 另外下个周末是今天开春以来的第一次长周末,希望能组织一次户外活动,结识更多的朋友。暂时定的是 Brimley 的 Bluff Cliff Park,采用自带午餐的方式。对于这次活动的具体安排,还希望各位朋友提出建议。

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