Asking for your advise on the proposed voting system

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Dear friend, according to your suggestions ( from David_diao, ...), I'm preparing the development of a voting system. Here I post some ideas and I'm looking forward to your advise.

In the current phase, the voting system opens to members only. That
means guests are not able to vote. Every member has the privillege to
launch a vote, we call this member as the launcher. The launcher will
create a new vote, set the subject, startdate and enddate, the type of
voting, e.g.:

The launcher may enable other members to suggest the vote options and
edit and decide which options are invoked.

When a vote begins, every member is able to ballot. If one member
re-ballots, he/she can re-write his previous choice.

The vote result can be viewed by everybody. For public voting, every
voter's choice is openned to the public.

How do you guys think about this proposal? Please kindly give me more
suggestions, also let's discuss what name this system can take. Thanks
in advance.
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