Do you have language difficulties at McDonalds?

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No, I don't. If it were three years ago, my answer would be "Yes, I do. "

As I was in China, I did not get an opportunity to go McDonalds because I was so poor.

I still remember how embarrassed I was as I went to McDonalds first time in the America. I simply could not open my mouth because I did not know the names of those menus. I found that "No. 1" is the cheapest so I pointed my finger at "No 1" to communicate with that McDonalds girl. What is worse, I could not understand "For here, or to go?".

Later, I commanded all the English vocabulary about junk food by visiting a McDonalds shop on a Sunday. My first observation is that I could simply say "No 1" or "No. 9". How happy I was! Unfortunately, those McDonalds girls often ask "what drinks?" I got stuck again because I didn't know the names of those drinks.... Later I tried to order French fries only. However, I needed to answer the question of "what size?" . At that point, I asked a Chinese friend and he suggest "super". I think that was the very time I really got the meaning of the word "super". From that time on, I had a clear picture of "small, medium, large and super" ...

Not long ago, I saw a posting by a friend who is still in China. She said that she and her husband speak fluent English. Mr. Egg commented that posting by saying "Another friend who speaks English fluently. Can you tell me your experiences so that I can benifit some?". But few friends take Mr Egg's comments seriously. Just remind you Fladimir Lenin's story----He could read and write English before he was exiled to London. After he arrived in London, he found out that Londoners did not speak English!
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