This is the life I dreamed of even before I came here:-) Though still jobless, I want to join you very much. But I have no such experiences , too. So could you please help me to verify the two questions:

wander2001 (wander)
1.How much is the total cost for one person?
2. No experience, OK?

Thanks a lot!
2001-5-1 -05:00

回到话题: 关于Algonquin canoe trip,我收集了1些情报,还有自己以前的一些经历. 需要注意的是, 虽然我们会尽量选择比较容易的route, 但这不是一次周末露营和野外烧烤, 它更象一次Echo-adventure, 有一定的危险. 如果大家仍然想去的话Email me, If no one wants to go I'll go solo.

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